Resin Tiles!

Something a bit new and fruity for your delectation. Little open edition prints mounted on plywood and slathered in resin…

resin tiles

New Greetings Cards!

Finally got round to updating the greetings cards selection! I keep trying to think of more exciting and interesting things to say about this, but that’s really all there is to it. Maybe I’ll say it again just to make the post look longer and more interesting. New greetings cards! Woo! Now a picture. That should do it.


Mysterious Burobbu series two

The remaining sets of the edition are finished and ready to go!

burobbu series 2

Merry Christmas!

christmas card 2013

Merry Christmas everyone!
I’m afraid the time has come that all orders placed now will be posted out the week starting the 6th of January. I do hope that’s not too annoying, but I have an awful lot of mince pies to work my way through and they will require my full attention.
The Burobbu Boutique in the BOXPARK, is also now closed! It’ll re-open on the 30th of Dec…

Back in 2014! :)

December’s Poster!

The third and final show poster from my boxpark popup. Only available in December. See the show posters link above for details.
I will not be doing posters for a while after this – I’m going to hide myself away in the studio and paint like I have never painted before! Or something slightly less dramatic…

december poster

November’s Poster!

Available now in the poster section! First 50 signed again, and only available throughout November…
Once more to come in December. :)

november poster

Show poster!

I have finally managed to put up the show poster! Details in the ’show poster’ section…How many times do you think I can say Show poster? It’s an open edition, but will only be available during October. First 50 are signed. There will be two more in Nov and Dec but I’ll let you know when they go up…

less chat poster for web 2


Megan and the Burobbu Boutique


Mini Show news alert – The Burobbu and I are taking over a unit in the Boxpark in Shoreditch, London. We’ll be there for 3 months as of October the 4th, and I’ll be showing a number of small sketch paintings, before filling it full of prints and goodies. Private view for the paintings is on Thursday 3rd, from 6pm-9pm. It’s a really small space, so get there early if you fancy popping along!
Will post shop opening times in due course…


Megan and the tiny caravan of claustrophobia.

Good lord. No updates for nearly 9 months, and then I just tell you I’m going on holiday! Terrible. If it makes you feel any better, I’m going on holiday in England in what is effectively a scale model of a real caravan.
Anyway – an awful lot going on, but I’ll explain more when I get back. (New studio – New website – new show – new sculptures – new Burobbu – and I’m not joking, last week I even bought a pair of new jeans. I know.)

All prints ordered in the meantime will be sent out the week starting the  22nd. Apologies for the delay.

Speak to you soon


New paintings and Prints!

Hello! Thanks to all who came down to the opening last night! Hope you enjoyed yourselves. For those that couldn’t make it, it’ll be up until Sunday the 14th.
I’ve just posted pictures of all the work (Megan and the beasts of Kaimei link above) and uploaded all of the new prints so have a nosey!